Job Description


We are more than just your local restaurant. We are a collection of hardworking small-business owners.

Did you know that from coast to coast, we serve delicious choices to more than 2.5 million people in over 1,400 locations every day, or that we have proudly helped more than 387,000 Canadian families with sick children through Ronald McDonald House Charities? 

Our offer

Working with us means that you will have the opportunity to earn and learn, flexibility, and a safe and inclusive work environment. What this means in practice is:

  • Access to education and skills development opportunities that take you further
  • A total rewards package that includes discounts, incentives, and recognition perks
  • Flexible hours/shifts that suit your needs
  • A safe, respectful and inclusive workplace
  • Bring your authentic self to work - welcoming people of every age, background, and culture - just like the guests who visit our restaurants every day

The job

We are sure that you have an idea about what working with us is like, but just in case here are some of the highlights on what your job will entail:

  • Maintaining a clean, safe, and secure work environment for guests, coworkers, and yourself, leveraging your knowledge of safety regulations and equipment.
  • Multi-tasking in between troubleshooting, tending to store areas and appliances during your shift, and repairing décor and equipment, whether it’s during the day or throughout the night.
  • Managing priorities, staying organized, and keeping on top of the various tasks with limited supervision.

Maintenance task would include

  • Clean grills platen, filter, troughs, and surfaces
  • Clean vats pots, filters, oil pan and surfaces
  • Change oil in vats when needed by manager approval
  • Clean lunch and breakfast toasters, belts, and surfaces
  • Clean filet steamers and delime when required monthly
  • Clean UHC cabinets, scrubbing cells and surfaces
  • Clean under all equipment, legs, and wheels
  • Defrost and clean side freezer and CFN freezer
  • Clean reach fridges and freezers including gaskets
  • Organize compactor room and cardboard container
  • Wipe down kitchen tables and counters
  • Full sweep and mop on the red tile after MT tasks completed
  • Assist kitchen on levels when required based on volume
  • Weekly and Monthly tasks based on the Preventative MT planner
  • Pull grills and vats and clean behind them floors, walls, and surfaces

Your vibe and experience

You are trustworthy and have trust in others. You’re a curious mind. You love to see how things work and are fascinated by the intricacies of objects. You’re good with your hands and mechanically adept. You’re always willing to learn and grow. You remain cool, calm and collected in a fast-paced environment. You’d rather do a job right the first time, than do it twice.

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