Job Description


Work schedule: 40h/week, permanent position, full time from Monday to Friday

Company Description

For you, cleanliness is importance. You like to maintain a clean and safe work environment for customers and colleagues. Your contribution to the restaurant will be an ADDED VALUE. We are currently looking for someone like you for the FULL TIME MAINTENANCE position.

Task description


* Windows, shutters, mullions, as well as those of the drive-thru

* Appearance around the rear door

* Sidewalks, adjacent lots and parking lot

* Appearence of the restaurant, logos

* Door frames, thresholds, entrance

* Surroundings of the restaurant/building (without litter within a radius of one block)

* Condition of asphalt, concrete, grease stains

* Aisle, order points and bins

* Soffit lighting, parking lights and poles

* Compactor room (cleaned and in good condition)

* Loudspeaker pole/SACC, presale panel

* Fence along the perimeter

* Sign and height clearance sign at the drive-thru

* Roof maintenance

Terrace and outdoor seating

* Tables, seats

* Tiles/pavement

Dining room/customer area

* Floors, baseboards, carpets

* Walls, ceiling, vents

* Windows, interior lighting and exit lights

* Counter, under counter panel

* Cash register system, SVC monitors

* Dispensers for straws, napkins and condiments

* Plants, planters

* Wrought iron, decoration

* Benches, tables, chairs and high chairs with belts

* Bins

* Storage cabinet for cleaning products

* Customer service area (self-service beverage station)


* Odorless

* Walls, tiles, ceilings, vents

* Lighting

* Partitions, doors (without graffiti)

* Floors, baseboards

* Sinks, mirrors, countertops

* Toilets, urinals

* Hand dryers, changing tables

* Soap and toilet paper dispensers (stocked)

Delivery service

* Floors, baseboards

* Walls, ceiling

Kitchen, central island

* Floors, plinths, under the equipment

* Walls, ceiling, ventilation openings

* Lighting

* Grill area: rear of all grills (without carbon build-up)

French fries station

* Filtration of oils, tanks

* Arch vending machine

* Salt shaker, shovel

* Heating lamp

* Floors

* Stainless steel, glass

* Mobile fryers


* Tablets

* Floors, baseboards, stairs

* Walls, ceilings, vents

* Box flaps cut

* Rear door alarm

Crew room

* Furniture, lighting fixtures (in good condition)

* Floors

* Lighting, ceiling, walls

Others :

* Keep televisions clean


* Have medical and dental insurance (full-time employees) 50%* paid by the employer

* Benefit from a competitive salary calculated according to experience

* Get a 50% discount on food at participating McDonald's restaurants in Canada

* Get free uniforms

* Corporate events

* Access to a 1000$ scholarship program

* Have the chance to develop and access excellent career opportunities 

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