Job Description

45K - ASSISTANT MANAGER (1st & 2nd Position)


Recruit, lead and develop staff to achieve exceptional levels of QSP and V, increase sales and control costs to achieve optimal results in an area(s) of responsibility. The target clientele includes team members, shift managers and customers.

Main responsibilities

In addition to following McDonald's policies and procedures, key responsibilities include:


· Demonstrate and reinforce the leadership behaviors and minimum staff practices (uniforms, team member schedules, communication sessions, etc.) required to gain commitment from team members and management team members.

· Execute all established plans to increase employee loyalty, satisfaction and pride in McDonald's.

· Know and reinforce personnel policies, labor laws and safety procedures and teach them to team members.

· Recruit, select and retain an optimum number of team members and shift supervisors who have customer satisfaction at heart.

· Lead the development and training of team members and shift supervisors, including the initial onboarding and follow-up of new team members.

· Prepare and present performance reviews against defined goals and objectives for designated employees in a timely manner.

QSP/Increase in sales

· Maintain critical standards for quality of raw and finished products, quality and timeliness of service, and cleanliness and sanitization.

· Serve as a role model in achieving performance standards for all crew positions and maintenance workers.

· Execute set plans to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

· Effectively use shift planning tools to maximize QSP and assign crew members based on demand. Prepare for the shift change with the next manager.

· Manage shift or areas without supervision.

· Effectively support national and regional promotions to maximize sales potential.

· Support local marketing plans to maximize sales potential.

· Prepare effective schedules to increase sales during all parts of the day.

· Help lead the launch by restoring new products and new procedures.

Safety and sanitization

· Execute, enforce and properly manage all food hygiene and sanitization requirements and practices.

· Ensure that safety procedures are followed.


· Control the income statement headings assigned to it.

· Control labor costs, shrinkage, cash while managing shift or areas.

· Develop and follow up on action plans for benefits.


· Ensure that personnel policies and procedures are respected (breaks, employee meals, recognition, etc.).

· Comply with the procedures relating to the security and verification of deposits and the safe.

· Maintain safety records and track employee accomplishments and performance.

· Perform daily, weekly and monthly administrative tasks.


  • Salary: starting at $45,000/year
  • Benefit from group insurance (medical, dental, vision (full-time employees) paid at 75% by the employer
  • Benefit from a competitive salary calculated according to experience
  • Meals paid for on shifts and get a 50% discount on food at participating McDonald's restaurants in Canada
  • Get free uniforms
  • Have access to a performance bonus programHave the chance to develop and access excellent career opportunities
  • Expenses allocated for Cellular
  • Expenses allocated for the Gym
  • RRSPs

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